Beulah International Development

What do we do?


Beulah International Development Corporation (BEULAH)  is a full-service Business Integration Company and EPC firm with extensive experience with other industrial facilities.


BEULAH offers a wide range of integration planning and management services, from site due diligence, conceptual ideas, and budget development through project completion and facility turnover programs. We make shovel-ready Feasibility Studies, too.


With a team of in-house professional project managers, BEULAH is committed to understanding our clients’ needs and objectives – working to ensure their interests are protected with respect to cost control, schedule, project delivery, and every step along the way quality control.

As your Business partner in project development, you are not only partnering a company to negotiate, but you are also hiring a team member for life. BEULAH is committed to being there for you and for the life of the project for as long as we are needed.


As an EPC,  we can manage an entire project, from conceptualization, making the Feasibility Study, the architectural design process, and every aspect of engineering and construction.   With us guiding the project, the workflows are more efficient; elements of the design including construction processes can overlap, pushing the project forward without delays. The contributions of different professionals can be more readily incorporated into the work, and the costs are more manageable within budget. Our creativity, open-mindedness, technical expertise, management abilities, and successful track record prove that we’re the right choice.

Our work

One of the ways we distinguish ourselves is through our proven ability to assemble and coordinate teams of top professionals. We’ve formed invaluable partnerships with companies that supply materials, and we’ve also developed mutually respectful and loyal relationships with the best designers, engineers, electricians, carpenters, and other skilled workers. When hiring or partnering with us, you can expect thoughtful, efficient, and high-caliber work. Regardless of whether your project is large or small in scope, we plan ahead, anticipating and addressing potential problems to spare you from unnecessary costs. Our experience with a wide range of projects helps us tackle challenges and produce results that give you a strong return on investment.


When you invest in a project, you may become deeply concerned about the potential for delays and unexpected costs. You may start to worry about errors that undermine the results, function, and appearance of the building. With BEULAH assistance, you’ll have much less to worry about. Even for projects that are large and complex, we’re capable of overseeing the work and ensuring that it meets high standards. Working as your trusted partner, we manage the project so that it proceeds smoothly and follows the schedule you expect. We also keep your costs under control and prevent you from losing money over various mistakes and delays.


Count on us...